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The most important sector on which more experience was obtained is the automotive industry. All this thanks to the historic collaboration with the biggest car manufacturers present on the national territory (Ferrari, Maserati, Lamborghini)
Comcor Engineering works to improve the performance of individual components – frames, suspension systems, gearboxes, brakes – from design to manufacturing.

Furthermore we are professionals in the engineering, development and performance of the industrial machinery and its components that are applied in different sectors.

The following design activities make part of engineering:

  • Feasibility studies
  • Construction drawings
  • Industrial drawings
  • Design of machinery components
  • Technical consultancy
  • Consultansy about materials
  • Executing reliefs
  • Reverse engineering
  • Solid modelling

Technical Documentation

The project is not completed without the relevant documentation. Furthermore the control and constant adjustment of the documentation follow normally the the technical projects and the regulations updates.
The drafts, support and updating of the technical documentation are supplied by the Comcor and in particular:
– User’s manuals and maintenance
– Corrections and modifications to drawings or projects
– Rendering and images for technical documentation
– Regulatory study
– Updating drawings
– Technical consulting

Structural Computation

Finite Element Method (FEM) applied to physical bodies through a grid made up of primitives allows to identify structural criticalities showing the important criteria of the rigidity, strength and elasticity of individual parts and their assemblies.
The use of specific software helps to obtain reliable short-term analysis before the manufacturing starts.
For example, our study makes the structural FEM calculations including:

  • Structural analysis
  • Thermal analysis
  • Multibody analysis
  • Fatigue analysis etc.


3D printing is an important part of the project that allows the prototype realization before the manufacturing.
There are following advantages of this procedure:
  • It allows to realize any component of the project
  • The changes and variations are possible before manufacturing starts
  • Ease of use allows to reduce the costs by reducing the time for implementation
  • The execution is possible with sintered materials of different mechanical strength immediately available for use.

Prototypes realization

We are able to supply the complete solutions for our progects.
The competent staff, specialized suppliers and the spaces fully equipped for the testing process allows us to realize prototypes of the designed facilityes and to carry out the relevant tests.

Distribution and Logistics

The biggest challenge is to determine and understand demand and needs; to bridge the gap between concept and realisation means that we have to deal with other engineers and users so we need to be competitive and extremely professional. Caring and professionalism to every request and proposal are extremely important, therefore Comcor Engineering provides for its customers highly qualified representatives.
Taking part at trade shows, networking activities enable us to draw attention to new proposals or simple presentations are part of the company’s daily commitment.The solutions for the supply management and delivery flows of manufactured materials are also designed by Comcor Engineering.